I get asked all the time to pick out wine for friends and family, so I decided to make my passion and expertise accessible to more people!! Not only can you SIGN UP to receive my daily emails featuring offers of the most unique wines and the best wine deals out there, but ALSO monthly 6 packs of my favorite wines are available to pick up at your convenience or be delivered to your doorstep! 

Buying wine shouldn’t be overwhelming, stressful or risky.

It’s 2020 and there’s no need for the wine-buying process to be so antiquated and stressful when there are people (like me!) who can make your life a whole LOT easier and pick out wines for you on a regular basis without you needing to spend one ounce of mental energy on it.

No need to stress about knowing everything about wine in order to enjoy it. That’s my job!!

Life is difficult enough, and my goal is take one more thing off your plate so that you can enjoy that glass (or 2 or 3…no judgment!) at the end of the day truly stress-free!!